Questions and answers


01 – How do I become a Kitsbor customer?

There are two ways you can become a Kitsbor customer: Email to vendas@kitsbor.com.br and provide the following data: Company Name, CNPJ, full address, email address, and telephone number. Contact us by the telephone number: 55 11 2949–0009 and talk to our sales department.

02- How long is Kitsbor’s delivery time?

Delivery time varies according to the region. For more information contact us by phone: 55 11 2209–7010

03 – How can I check an item price or request a quote?

Prices and quotes are provided with our representatives or our sales department for registered customers only. If you are not a customer check our website for a representative’s contact in your region or call 55 11 2949-0009. You can also email to vendas@kitsbor.com.br.

04 – How do I access Kitsbor product portfolio?

You can access our portfolio by clicking here.

05 – Is there a minimum value to buy from Kitsbor? If so, how much is the value?

Kitsbor’s work policy is to sell only to Auto Parts Dealers and Chains, therefore we have determined a minimum purchase price of R$ 3,000.00 per order.

06 – Which countries has Kitsbor exported its products to?

We have currently exported to Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia, Chile and Uruguay. We have a department exclusively dedicated to exports. See contact on our website: www.kitsbor.com.br.

07 – How long is Kitsbor products warranty period?

The warranty period for Kitsbor products is six months from the date of issuance of the invoice.

08 – How do I apply for a job opportunity at Kitsbor?

In order to apply for the available positions, you will need to send your resume to kitsbor@kitsbor.com.br .

09 – Didn’t find your question?

Send us a message through the Contact Us page.