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Our family – Kitsbor

Our History


Kitsbor started its activities over 25 years ago, in 1995, with a small line of CV boot kits.
Located in São Paulo city and initially using a small area of approximately 150 square meters, with hard work and technical knowledge we developed one of the largest lines of automotive kits in the country. 

We currently have more than 3,000 products for all vehicle brands on the market. Our facilities are located in an area greater than 2,000 square meters with modern logistics making it possible to efficiently serve the largest automotive distributors in Brazil.
Recognized by our quality and reliability, we currently export to countries in Latin America with a catalogue including products for suspension, steering, brakes, gears, among others.

Overcoming economic and political crises, Kitsbor has remained firm in its purpose to be a company recognized in the national and international markets by its technical capacity, agility, competence and reliability, which are confirmed by the long-lasting links with its customers.
Kitsbor recognizes and values the knowledge and dedication of its team confirmed by the fact that most of its staff has remained with the company since its foundation. 

This modern and dynamic Kitsbor success is the “Kitsbor family” dedication image, guided by the Director Tarcísio Lunz Trevizol Júnior, demonstrated by the success of the company that has updated itself in order to guarantee a dynamic high-quality service.




To be a reliable, agile and competent company for its customers, providing lasting relationships.



To be a reference brand in automotive kits recognized by its quality of care and services.



We ensure the quality of our products by being strict with our inspection and providing our customers with a low guarantee rate.